iSurround Systems

iSurround System - Space

The possibilities are endless…

iSurround systems offer space for a wide variety of uses and applications. Because our system is so flexible, it is able to utilise any space that you may have available.


 Our installations allow customers to :

  • Engage with content, or a brand, in a playful and meaningful way.
  • Share their unique personal experiences with the world.
  • Retain new information for longer. Research shows that it’s easier to recall information learned through physical interaction.
  • Respond to a positive, memorable experience with a clear call to action, whether it’s by playing a game, sharing a video, connecting with a brand, or simply exploring a specific message.


  • The system is a dynamic ‘immersive learning’ environment which will immerse students within content from lesson plans across the curriculum.
  • It can also be a space for creative inspiration by providing an environment to encourage imaginative work.
  • iSurround is a multi-sensory room which is especially helpful for SEN and disengaged students.
  • The system is a quiet retreat room for behavioural therapy – transport a student virtually to a calming environment e.g. a desert island or woodland.
  • The system is also a School media screening room and cinema, the system utilises a giant screen which can be used for playback of students’ media work.
  • iSurround utilises educational software & is also a games room where students can play educational PC or console games wirelessly.
  • Film, drama and media studio – green-screen walls and film-making add-on options are available.
  • General free space for teaching and/or quiet learning – collapsible chairs, cushions and bean bag options are available.

Health & Well-being:

We have experience and reference sites within the health sector. Case study installations include dementia and mental health care homes. Click here to view our Case Studies.

Business & the Entertainment industry:

We can offer tailored proposals for business show-rooms, bars & clubs, hotels, museums, play centres, function rooms and community rooms. We can also arrange for you to visit one of our many iSurround reference sites. Furthermore our consultants and engineers are happy to undertake site visits to carry out a comprehensive survey, discuss your requirements and as a result propose a system tailored entirely toward your needs. If you are interested in our iSurround System, please get in touch with us by calling 0845 838 4650 or by using the contact form on our site.