We are the UK’s authorised distributor of LumoPlay; the World’s easiest and most affordable way for users to create their own interactive floor and wall displays. LumoPlay are now the most popular software choice for interactive projection installations worldwide. Designed for both business and education with simple, patented design tools, LumoPlay design promotional, educational, entertaining, and affordable interactive games with functionality for users to design their own interactive projection environments using their own artwork and imaginations. Please visit our partners at www.lumoplay.com and feel free to contact us for a prompt consulation or quotation.

  • No coding required – If you can upload a photo, you can make a custom interactive display.
  • Dependable and easy to manage – LumoPlay has been deployed by major brands in over 10,000+ locations worldwide.
  • Easy to set up – Users can easily set up and customize interactive floor projections, motion reactive walls and windows, and a wide variety of other motion and touch reactive screens.
  • Affordable – LumoPlay is compatible with off-the-shelf hardware. Your display can be designed to fit any budget.
  • Manage everything online – The LumoPlay platform includes robust cloud-based content management, installation analytics, remote system support, and ongoing maintenance.LumoPlay is the only commercial platform for interactive display content creation and management. Our partner team is constantly adding support for new sensors and displays, so you won’t have to use a different platform when the next big interactive tool comes out.