Since 2008 we have supplied over 50 UK school clients with radio broadcast solutions; enabling the live transmission and recording of broadcasts across a speaker network to classrooms, corridors and playgrounds. Our solution encompasses recording studio equipment, audio distribution hardware, speakers and full system training. Systems utilise existing network cabling to transmit digital audio to keypad-controlled speaker sets; enabling users to manage broadcasts in each area of a school.

The system enhances communication, language and literacy standards within a school through developing scriptwriting, listening, responding and group discussion skills. It  can be used to develop parental engagement and links with the local community, and promotes creativity, citizenship, collaborative learning, public speaking skills and pupil confidence. Broadcasting live is undoubtedly an exciting and fun concept that engages, excites and motivates.

Our iSurround radio broadcast solution is very easy to use, easily expandable, highly affordable, utilises free software, and incorporate hands-on studio equipment. As audio distribution can utilise existing network cabling there is often no requirement for speaker cabling. Please contact our team for further information, for a prompt proposal or to arrange a site visit.