Immersive Spaces

Developed in 2009, our iSurround installations are flexible, creative and interactive immersive spaces. They are designed for Education, Presentation, Thematic and also Artistic applications. Our iSurround Systems involve 360 degree media projection which brings the room to life with digital video, photo and audio content. iSurround space optionally includes tracking cameras, automated LED lighting, surround sound audio, scent machines and temperature regulation. All of this helps to create fully immersive and interactive environments for schools and businesses.

A user can easily create their own virtual environment from supplied media databases or from online media resources. In a teaching context, iSurround rooms can be used right across the curriculum. The mood, atmosphere and virtual location of the room can be changed at the touch of a button, so a space can very simply become anywhere or anything imaginable.

What we can do

Our team are able to transform any space into bespoke, user friendly and instantly adaptable immersive environments. This helps to stimulate, engage, encourage and develop creativity through moving images, light, sound, smell, temperature and interactivity. Lessons, presentations or displays hosted within iSurround environments provide a unique focus which improves engagement, behaviour, attitude, enthusiasm and participation that isn’t achievable in other workplaces or environments. Our systems are extremely easy to use and can be operated by users with limited knowledge of ICT.

Our turnkey approach to the design of iSurround spaces can include several things:

  • Structural Alterations
  • Concertina Partitions
  • Air Conditioning Units
  • Electrical Works
  • Sound Systems
  • Lighting
  • Flooring
  • Wall / Ceiling Decoration

Most noteworthy, our team can install systems in virtually any size or shape of room with specific end-user requirements in mind.

We provide free-of-charge, no-obligation proposals and can arrange for you to visit one of our many iSurround reference sites. Furthermore our consultants and engineers are happy to undertake site visits to carry out a comprehensive survey, discuss your requirements and as a result propose a system tailored entirely toward your needs.