‘The Magic Room’ – Hindsford Primary School, Atherton, Manchester

The Magic Room - Immersive & Interactive

The first installation of our interactive iSurround system was supplied in 2011 to Hindsford Primary School in Manchester. ‘The Magic Room’ has many great features:

  • Automated LED lighting
  • Surround sound audio
  • Giant wraparound projection walls
  • Interactive walls
  • Front-facing gesture control of content
  • A scent machine with cartridges relevant to various environments

These features together create a fully immersive and interactive learning environment. Furthermore Teachers and students can easily create their own virtual environments from provided media or from online media resources, so the room can be used for anything you can think of.

IT Manager Sharon Swanton at the school says “The system really brings the curriculum to life and is already proving to be a powerful learning tool within our school”. “It engages our children, inspires creativity and makes learning very exciting.” “Alongside its use as an immersive teaching environment, our ‘Magic Room’ has also been used as a calm room, a cinema and a film studio”. It’s a great place for reading stories and inspiring writing.

“Staff are coming up with new ideas and resources for the room every day. I feel we’re only just beginning to comprehend the impact this system will have on teaching in our school.”

“The system is very easy to use and was a fraction of the cost of other systems that we researched. The provided package even included a green-screen media wall and film-making equipment. We hope to use this equipment to further develop creativity in media within our school.”